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Faith & Service

As stated in our mission, Resurrection Catholic Parish school provides students with a strong moral foundation to grow in understanding and compassion for others. Students are encouraged to deepen their relationship with God through prayer, acts of kindness and service to others. We in grow in faith not just in religion class but through our simple every day kind deeds.

  • K-6th grade students attend weekly mass throughout the school year.

  • Preschool worship Wednesdays.

  • The students of RCPS participate in liturgies throughout the school year.

  • The student body is also involved in helping others outside the school community through service.  

Service Areas

At Resurrection, service is central to who we are and for what we stand as a parish school community and as individuals who will, ultimately, go out into the world.


2021 - 2022 service projects included:

• 40 cans for Lent for St. Vincent de Paul
• Cain family toy drive for foster care
• Father's Heart Shelter cold weather collection
• Card, ornament and plant sales for Chidren's Cancer

Association. Read more about this here.
• Fundraising for Children's Healing Arts Project
• Collection and donations to Oregon Dog Rescue
• Community garden benefitting Tualatin food pantry

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