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Celebrating World Kindness Day

At Resurrection we encourage and acknowledge acts of kindness everyday. This year we are excited to celebrate World Kindness Day and to share the beautiful message of kindness and compassion from of one our Resurrection families, founders of Little Rebels with A Cause.

This is their story:

World Kindness Day is always on November 13th and is celebrated in many countries. It is to inspire people/nations towards greater kindness, and realizing the power/impact kindness can have on others. Some people pledge good deeds, but it really resonates with what we do at Little Rebels, just teaching children and adults to lead with kindness and patience and learning about acceptance of differences.

While we always donate 10% of our sales to nonprofits, Our More Kindness Collection specifically supports caregivers of individuals with disabilities through The More Than Project. This special nonprofit provides support for caregivers in various forms, from reducing barriers to access mental health counseling, to respite, to providing sibling scholarships, to gifting teachers across the country with sensory equipment for their classrooms, and so much more.

Resurrection families and staff can use code “Resurrection” at checkout for 25% off their entire order through the end of the year. Shop/learn more at


I started this clothing brand with my sweet boy in mind. It was clear from the beginning that there was little (no) control to be had over autism, and I wouldn’t change a thing about my little warrior anyway. But I would change his struggle. I would take away the hard that he faces each day if I could.

I decided we were going to have to change the world instead. I want my sweet boy to be met with kindness, patience, grace, and encouragement as he moves through this world a little differently than most.

Our shirt designs have quickly morphed into much more than this boy. We believe words are important, and we hope our tees spark valuable conversations around kindness + inclusion in your communities. The more awareness & acceptance of differences there are in this world, the easier it may be for our boy, and so many others, to navigate through it. We believe EVERYbody deserves to be loved, included, & accepted.

By wearing our tees, you’re helping us in our mission to make the world a more patient, kind, and inclusive place to be and that means so much to us. On top of that, you’re supporting some incredible nonprofits with every purchase on our site.

Thank you for celebrating unique, beautiful humans with us.

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