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Music Spotlight

At Resurrection Catholic Parish, we have put incredible resources behind our music program. Students will have the opportunity to attend music twice weekly with our new instructor, Ms. Sara Boos, in a wonderfully outfitted music classroom. The program is chock-full of opportunities to make and interact with music, through: singing, movement and dancing, games, listening, and playing instruments. One of Ms. Boos biggest goals for the year is for students to gain skills and confidence with their singing voices and become experts at hearing and using the building blocks of music.

The rewards of teaching music to youth is plentiful, music is beautiful and exciting, but requires education to appreciate the depth and value of it. Ms. Boos has seen the direct correlation of music appreciation and the ability for children to develop the ability to express emotions and be creative. Ms. Boos comments, “It’s great to help kids develop skills and understanding with such a joyful and profound medium.”

Resurrection Catholic Parish School incorporates musical education in a faith-based and spiritual environment. Sacred and religious music is sung in class and at school Mass. Parents are invited to attend Mass (Wednesdays) and will often see and witness their child’s musical development.

Music curriculum is challenging and engaging and will keep students on their toes. Music shared from around the world will allow students to get a sneak peak into geography and cultural differences. Music shared from various points in history, from Gregorian Chant to Mozart, Stravinsky to Motown is sure to pique everyone’s interest. Be sure to ask your student what instruments they recognize when you listen to a tune together!


More about Ms. Sara Boos:

Sara Boos is excited to be the new music teacher at Resurrection Primary School! Ms. Boos has degrees from Michigan State University and Bowling Green State (OH). She has taught public school vocal music in Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, and Washington. She has enjoyed being a choral singer in many Catholic churches and professionally with the Dale Warland Singers. For the past 18 years, Ms. Boos served as Artistic Director of the 275-voice Northwest Girlchoir in Seattle, where she taught the elementary and high school choir levels, presented an annual concert series, and brought her students on concert tours in Europe, Canada, Australia, and Argentina. Ms. Boos enjoys spending time with her dog, Henry and cat, Miel. She looks forward to making music with the students and community of Resurrection!

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