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Resurrection Activity Center Updates

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Update as of 10/31/2022:

Any donations made towards the gym will be matched by an anonymous donor. Please consider donating today!

Donate here: WeShare

What will the RAC cost?

We already have $1 million pledged toward the total cost of the gym. Permits and structure: $1.8 Million Pledged: $1.0 Million Balance to raise $ 800,000

The new gym facility is part of the important progression of our Church and School. The growth is materializing from a combination of the ongoing dream big program, parish campus strategic growth initiatives and school children need.

As a member of our parish and school community you will see great benefit to the new addition. There will be opportunities for adult group physical exercise events and our school children will experience health and wellbeing from organized, indoor year-round play.

The gym will feature a regulation high school basketball court of 84 feet by 50 feet, which can also be used as two half-sized courts or two regulation volleyball courts.It will also include:

  • Activity divider curtain

  • Hardwood floors

  • Concession stand

  • Equipment storage area

  • Basketball hoops

  • Folding bleachers

  • Volleyball nets

  • Restrooms

The gym design and construction is well-thought out and planned with affordable building materials procured while also reflecting similar design estethics from our Church and Moisant Center.

Donations towards the gym can be directed here. We appreciate your support!

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